Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainy nights....make me want to blog :)

Yes. Shock horror. I am blogging again :O

Or at least, I am going to try and blog again....whenever I get the feeling to blog, I run onto the laptop and open up a new blog....then I can't think of anything to write. So you may have to put up with my rather horrible english skills, because I cannot write anything interesting :/

I suppose the reason I am blogging is to vent....but also because I feel lonely. Which I normally feel around this time of night, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now:(
As with the many, many other people around me right now, I am sooo sick of all these friendship/school/stress problems. And I have no idea how to fix them, or even if they are going to end up fixing themselves. Honestly, I think the majority of us are going to slowly drift apart anyway, even though we say we all want to be friends forever. However, there are a few people who I hope I will stay good friends with for as long as possible, because I love them so much and can't stand the thought of having to make new friends in uni....also cos I suck at making new friends lol ^^'

School is another massive problem.....being stressed sucks. Having no time to do anything fun sucks. Having parents who think that homework is the most important thing in the world and should come before anything else sucks. And we still have many more weeks to go....although this year is actually going by very quick. And I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that either.....:S

Even with all this crap going on, at least I still have the most awesome friends ever, most of which are going through worse stuff than I am, so I probably shouldn't even be complaining. I'm just glad you guys are there :D Oh and my awesome boyfriend too :3

Yay I finally have a blog where I can say that I have a boyfriend :) Sorry to my single friends who probably cringed when I wrote that, but for me it's long overdue, and I deserve this! Lol ^^