Monday, April 11, 2011

Serious and heartfelt blog

So, at the request of a certain someone, I am writing another blog




Sunday, January 2, 2011

ejfndkgv (cant be bothered thinking of a title :D)

So...these last couple of weeks...almost a month, actually..and I've come to realise that for some reason, I really dislike being around drunk people. Which isn't so good, especially with the group of people I hang around with (no offense guys :D). I don't even know why, maybe because even though I act like an idiot, I'm actually a sensible person at heart, and those instincts tend to kick in when I'm at a party. It's probably the way I've been brought up, under fairly strict parents. Whenever I see random drunk people in the streets I stereotype harshly and look at them with disgust, knowing they'll probably throw up the whole night, wake up with a raging headache, and not remember anything the next day. I'm not saying I'm gonna give up drinking cos I'm not, I just always feel out of place and left out when everyone else around me is either drunk or pretending to be drunk. There are also many things that happen which people regret the following day, and which I'd much rather forget about, whivh makes me wonder why they do it in the first place. But I know that if I don't go hang out with everyone, I'm gonna sit at home and feel lonely, and be full of thoughts that people will start disliking me and stop talking to me and inviting me to things cos they think I'm boring. I know I'm probably just being paranoid, but sometimes I just can't help it....

On a completely different note, I have decided on a few New Year's resolutions, which I am going to post here because I'll probably forget them :D Firstly, I want to get fit. Or at least slightly fitter. I'll try and exercise every day, even thought I probably won't...but I'll try anyway. I have no excuse not to, so hopefully that will be motivation enough.....
Secondly, even though I stole this one from someone else on the internet, I'm going to try and draw everyday or most days. One thing I really missed during Year 12 was the freedom to draw and do art that I actually wanted to do...instead of being told by my teacher. Even though I've had no school for a while now, I still haven't got back into it which is bad because I always get these massive cravings to draw, but I don't cos I'm afraid at how bad I've become....but I really really wanna try and get back into it. As it's one of the main ways I express myself, plus it's just fun :D (wow I wrote more than I expected...I'll stop now ^____^)

.....except....I really miss you. :'''''(. Please come back to me alive and well on Thursday :'''''(