Tuesday, August 24, 2010

blahblahblah (i am so imaginitive :D)

So, after spending the last hour and a half reading other people's blogs that I DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED BECAUSE STUPID BLOGGER DECIDED NOT TO NOTIFY ME OF THEM D': I now have the inspiration to blog again. -collective groan from my few followers-

I have so much that I just want to say on here....I suppose that comes from lack of blogging....so much I want to say to people, so much I want to say about my life, but I'm even afraid to say it on here in case people read it and figure out who I'm directing it to.....but then I suppose that defeats the purpose of having a blog :/ Okay screw it, I'm gonna do the whole 'letters' to people thing, and I don't care if they figure it out or not

Dear person number one,
I love you so much I can't even describe it. You have been my best friend since year 8, and I have never had a better best friend then you. You are so unbelievably amazing, and one of the qualities I love yet also loathe about you is your pure selflessness. You always, ALWAYS put other people before yourself, and while that is a good thing, it sometimes ends up with you being hurt by people. And I hate seeing you hurt more than anything. I just wish you would sometimes think of yourself before others, but I suppose that's the way you feel and I know it would be hard to change that. But none of this changes how much I love you, and I could go on for a whole blog and more about how amazing you are, but it's getting closer to my bed time and I should stop. <3

Dear person number two,
.....you are also one of my best friends. I have an unbelievable amount of fun with you, I only wish you were older :P I love spending time with you because we have so much in common and always influence each other to do things (which isn't always a good thing XD). But one thing about you...is that I am so jealous of you. You are so perfect in the eyes of many a person, and I wish I could be like that in at least one person. You will never be alone, and I envy that. You say you are ugly and have a horrible personality and all that, but really you don't. Which is one of the reasons why everyone loves you. And I know I will never have that. I'm just too different to you, and I wish I wasn't....

I'm actually on a roll now, but I have to stop because it is time for me to go to bed (yes my parents still have a bedtime for me -__-). I may finish this if I ever get in the mood to again, I may not, we'll just have to see...

-insert not yet invented signature here-