Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stuff I hate #1

Everyone seems to be doing a 'things I hate' or 'unknown stuff about me' blog, so being my conformist self I decided to do one too. Now this is but one of my *many* hates, but I am positive there will be more to come.

One of the things I absolutely hate above most other things is sluts. I think they should all go die in a hole, for the better of society. Now I'm mainly talking about the really bad sluts, the stereotypical ones who cake their faces in makeup and bleach their hair blonde, but I dislike all in general. So in other words, I dislike about 90% of the world's population of teenage girls. But the reasons I hate sluts are quite obvious, they are snobby, they think they are better than everyone else, judging everyone else. They deliberately try and cake their faces in makeup and wear the smallest amount of clothing possible to attract the attention of guys. And lets face it, if a guy is only attracted to you because of what you look like, then he's obviously not worth it. And the way they just strut around, in their way too short skirts and way too tight tops, it just....djhgfrujghj. Why would you do that to yourself? Don't they have any sense of pride, or dignity? Instead of selling themselves out to guys maybe they should focus on putting more clothes back on.......-sigh- I'm afraid I just don't understand the mechanism of their brains...if they even have any...

Take an example. In the city last night, I saw sluts galore. Seriously, there must have been a factory making them and they were just walking out like whores. I must fidn this factory and destroy it. But there was one girl who was especially horrible. She wore this dress that you could barely call a dress, as you could see more flesh than actual material. And she was UGLY. I swear she had so much makeup on she looked as though she'd had plastic surgery (another one of my hates, more on that later :D)I could go on for longer, but I won't.

I will never understand them. Were they brought up like that? Maybe it's the cause of the media or role models such as Kesha who make girls act this way...I'll never know. But what I do know is that the world will never be peaceful until all sluts lie drowning in a volcano. Or some other such death :D


  1. I too, used to be a slut hater. And then I was like 'what makes people sluts?' And then I realised that they're so unhappy with who they are that they feel the need to completely fake shit up. They pile makeup on themselves to make themselves feel attractive, as they have low confidence in their looks. They seek the approval and the attention from guys to validate themselves, and make themselves feel as though they are wanted. They make others feel like rubbish because they themselves feel like rubbish, and the only way they can feel better is by talking shit about others.

    So I really just feel sorry for them more than anything.

    Mostly because I can identify with them.

  2. I understand where you're coming from honey, but there are better ways to do it. Like finding a loving guy to look after you, and not just a lustful one.

    I think what bugs me the most is that not only do they try so hard, they're so ugly! I mean, as a guy (even a taken one), I can't physically object to girls who want to show themselves off, but it's only the ugly ones that do, and they try so hard in doing it. It just puts me off so much. Much better to find a gorgeous girl who is beautiful inside and out (like you and Lauren and pretty much all the girls we're friends with) than end up with a vile orange slutburger. Besides, the beautiful girls that sensible guys choose always have the possibility of having an inner slut anyway :D

    Teenage girls (the slutty ones) are idiots, and teenage guys are even more stupid to fall for them. That's my rant over.

  3. Whoops - tried to edit my comment and forgot to change something. When I say "you", I mean you Kel, cause I only added the first bit in reply to Lauren afterwards (which made it sound like I listed her twice =D.)

    Even though she's twice as hot as any other girl on the planet :)

  4. lol, i love that, 'can't PHYSICALLY object'...


  5. I actually didn't mean that, but okay =D